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8 Reasons Why Everyone In Eastern Saudi LOVE Half Moon Bay Tremendously

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If you’ve been to the Eastern Province and have not visited Half Moon Bay, then to put it simply you have probably missed out on its most prevalent tourist attraction. If the Eastern Province were to make a tourism advert, then it would not be complete without the Half Moon Bay in it. Read on to know eight reasons why.

1. The bay stretches for miles and the seaside road passes by much of the crescent-like bay giving visitors plenty of places to shoot those Instagram-worthy shots

2. On a good day, you may even come across dolphins

3. And, if you are not a beach baby then you can enjoy a relaxing camel ride or drive a quad bike on the sand dunes nearby

4. It is also a great spot for angling – so bring those long fishing lines and wait for those Groupers to make their way from the Arabian Sea into the bay

5. Never ridden a jet-ski before? Well, this is where you can try that and many other water sports

6. Speaking of water sports, this is perhaps one of the best places in the entire province to learn scuba diving as the water in some places gets pretty deep right by the shore

7. Relaxing on a sunny day under those cabana-styled huts can be more relaxing than an expensive spa session

8. There is a surfeit of private beaches and resorts lined across the bay just in case you want that extra bit of privacy

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