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Listen To The 60 Different Saudi Dialects That Will Defo Melt Your Heart😍

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Saudi Arabia is a country full of beauty, magic, and diversity – even in its dialects. The country has more than 60 different dialects, which can be further divided into 300 accents that vary region and tribe. Each accent features surprising differences in pronunciation. Hearing these accents will always melt your heart, whether they’re from the north, south, east or west.

When you listen to northern dialects you won’t want the speaker to stop talking… their dialects is sweet just like they are!

In this video, you can listen to the lovely dialects of the Ha’il people from the northern kingdom

The kingdom’s south also features an amazing variety of interesting dialects, which differ according to tribal affiliation.

Southern accents are so unique-they have a musical quality to them 🤩🎶

Discussing about dialects will take forever, but let’s not forget the fascinating Al- Ahsawoya variety, which is just one of the dialects of the Al-Ahsa’s governorate

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As for Hejazi Dialects; It’s from another world!

The Hijazi dialect is charming in its own right, and has a wide fan-base inside and outside Saudi Arabia.

Since Hijazi people love music and art, we will showcase their dialect along with a song by a Hijazi artist.




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