5 Saudi Men Who Are Unapologetically Presenting Saudi Art To The World

Saudi Art

Saudi Arabia is home to some of the earliest known rock art sites in the region. However, for a long time, the arts fell into oblivion here and it’s only recently that there is a resurgence of Saudi art.

The knots on Saudi art are slowly being undone and it is making its way to exhibitions around the world. However, before you jump into the world of Saudi art head on we thought of presenting to you some of the country’s best male artists.

Abdullah Othman

Abdullah Al Othman is a true blue Riyadhi. His installation in Al Balad is one of his most popular works. Apart from the arts, Al Othman has a deep interest in poetry and penned two volumes “A Late Memory, 10 seconds” and “This Void May Occur Twice.”

Rashed Al Shashai

One of the most well-known contemporary artists in the country, Al Shashai is credited for being one of the earliest in his generation to take arts as a profession. He is a founding member of the Saudi Arabia Fine Arts Society and the Art Education Society that helped bring many budding local artists into the fray.

Ajlan Gharem

Believe it or not, but this talented artist is a mathematics teacher. His work explores the fast-changing culture of the country and how it continues to hold on to its roots amid the globalization of the 21st century.

Abdulnasser Gharem

Abdulnasser is renowned for his Message/Messenger installation that sold for a huge price at an auction in Dubai in 2011. This continues to be one of the highest prices ever fetched for a work of art by a Saudi artist.

Ahmed Mater

One of the finest Arabian artists of the current era, Ahmed Mater is a physician who turned into an artist. While there are many local artists who explore religious themes, what sets Mater’s work apart is that he brings his medical training to good use here as he infuses science with religion in his work.

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