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5 Hacks That Will Improve Your Mood As Soon As You Wake Up In The Morning

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Oh, mornings.

You’re either a morning or a nocturnal person, and well most of us might prefer the latter.

There’s something iffy about having to wake up super early, something that almost always ends in our irritated moods that affect our workflow for the rest of the day.

However, a few little adjustments to your morning routine OR actually having a routine in itself might just improve the morning madness.

1. Don’t let five minutes pass before you FORCE yourself to get up

Might sound harsh but making this a habit, especially on those super low days when you’re just unbothered with the rest of the world might make a difference.

Mel Robbins said it best, to be honest.

2. The somewhat cliché because it’s true life hack… meditate.

If you haven’t tried your hand at meditating, some part of you is missing out a little. We all meditate in different forms but it takes some good ole’ give minutes of silence to really come into nothingness.

You can find a mantra to play every morning (YouTube’s got a lot of great self-affirmative ones), try a yoga sequence (again from YouTube) or just sit still, stretch and breathe deeply.

You’d be surprised at how clear everything becomes after spending a few minutes with just yourself, your thoughts (or lack thereof) and the serenity of muteness.

3. Drink lemon water first thing in the morning

Instead of the usual cup of Joe, try switching that for lemon water as soon as you wake up. Research says this kickstarts your metabolism immediately and helps burn fat too.

Double win.

4. Write or mentally map out what you want to accomplish throughout the day

It’s always great to have a plan written down or reignited in your mental to-do list, because it urges you to actually get it done (most of the time.)

Take five minutes or less out of your morning, to write what you look forward to doing, accomplishing or even just learning. Don’t let the day go to waste.

5.Do NOT, under any circumstance, check your phone until you’re done with your morning routine

No seriously, get everything you want to get done before you head off to work and school and maybe check it during your lunch break. You’ll be surprised the amount of stress you might have just avoided and the mental focus this brings.

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