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Will AL-Ittihad Be Back On Top In 2020

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Al-Ittihad football club has suffered significant setbacks, which has resulted in their recent absence from the football scene. This has led Al-Ittihad fans to show displeasure with the team’s performance for the first time.

Al-Ittihad currently suffers from administrative issues, weak performance, and financial debt. The silence of the administration and their mismanagement of the situation has pushed fans to request that Al-Ittihad’s president provide an explanation of the team’s status.

The team’s previous management motivated fans, supported players, and handled administrative issues successfully.

In an interview with Al Ekhbariya channel, football player Mohamed Nour spoke about the reasons behind Al-Ittihad’s failure.

The management had signed new contracts with foreigner players hoping that the team will get back on top.

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