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There’s Only SIX Days Left Until The First Cinema In Jeddah Opens To Public And Peeps Can Barely Wait

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It’s finally time!

Jeddah residents will finally get to indulge in some good movies once VOX Cinemas opens up to the public this January 29th, Tuesday.

It has been a whirlwind since we heard of cinemas making a return to the Kingdom after a 35-year-halt but who would have thought the Red Sea city would soon have its theatres?

(Image Credits: Twitter @vox_cinemas_ksa)

In just six days, VOX Cinemas will open up the first cinema in Jeddah’s Red Sea Mall

VOX Cinemas already hinted at the launch through Twitter, sparking everybody’s eager interests.

Obviously, ours included.

Jeddahwis can’t contain their excitement about the long overdue announcement

“Akhhhhh, this will be the longest week in the world”

“Wonder what first movie will be screened?”

With other Netizens inviting their friends and prepping for the action

You can already imagine how packed the place is going to be on Tuesday.

“Hope the movie lists motivate me well enough to leave Netflix and my home”

And those who know the drill are silently working to secure tickets already

I’m sure they’ll let us know.

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