For The FIRST Time: A Saudi Movie Will Be Released In The Kingdom’s Cinemas

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Cinemas opened months ago but till now most of the movies that were screened here were either Hollywood, Bollywood or Egyptian. But that is set to change as we are finally going to get to watch a Saudi movie on the silver screen.

According to Arab News, the movie called “Roll’em” will be screened in VOX cinemas privately on Wednesday and then public screenings for the movie will begin on Thursday.

The movie is directed and produced by Abdulelah Al-Qurashi.

“Roll’em” is said to have taken three years to film and was made using an all-Saudi crew. A good portion of the movie was shot in Jeddah as a lot of the story revolves in and around the city.

The film is about a Saudi filmmaker who grasps with the fact that he actually doesn’t know Jeddah as well as he assumed he did.

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