A Well-Known Restaurant In Jeddah Closed Down Yesterday And People Can't Even

This is so sad.

Ruby Tuesday Jeddah

The beloved American Ruby Tuesday restaurant in Jeddah had its last day of operations yesterday (Tuesday), ironically enough. The chain is known for its great lunch offers, nostalgic memories and a homely atmosphere that has been around since 2006.

Former and loyal customers took to Facebook to release their emotions over the news and it's quite remarkable to see just how many people resonated with Ruby Tuesday.

(Image Credits: Instagram/ @rubytuesdayjeddah)

The announcements were made by the restaurant in an official Facebook statement

On October 14, the chain announced via an official Facebook statement that it was closing down after serving the city for 12 years. The statement read,"It has been our great privilege and pleasure to introduce the Ruby Tuesday brand to Saudi Arabia’s food scene and operate Ruby Tuesday in the Kingdom since 2006. We would like to thank our devoted customers and fans for many happy memories, and we hope Ruby Tuesday will re-open in the Kingdom in the future."

Honestly, we hope so too.

Ruby Tuesday has been serving people with a smile for the longest time

The resto's loyal customers couldn't even process the news

Many were sad to hear the news of their favorite place closing down.
Others couldn't understand why it would close down

"Hope you'll open again soon"

Surely it will truly be missed...

We all had a good run