A SHOCKING Footage Shows A Man Disguised As A Woman Who Set A Luxury Car Ablaze

Car Burnt Saudi

Social media is blowing up over a footage of someone burning an Audi R8 caught from a surveillance camera on Friday.

Online sources reveal that the individual in the video who poured liquid and set the car on fire was actually a man, disguised as a woman in a dress.

On Friday, a shocking footage revealed a luxury car in Jeddah being set ablaze...

A home surveillance system clearly showed the man (dressed in what appears to be an abaya) in action

No motive or prospective suspects has yet to be determined

The vehicle, an Audi R8, is estimated to be worth almost SAR 740,000

But Saudis are infuriated by the act...

'This is a sick and spiteful human being."

"Hopefully he gets arrested.."

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