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11 Features About Jeddah That Make It One Of The Best Places In The World To Live

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It may not be the biggest city in the country, but those who have lived in Jeddah can testify to the fact that it definitely is one of the best places to live in. And, in case you disagree with that, here are 11 features about the city that will probably make you rethink your decision.

1. Like Dubai, Jeddah is home to many superlatives.

From the world’s tallest lighthouse and fountain to the largest screen and tallest flagpole – all are here in Jeddah.

2. It is a melting pot of cultures.

A person who has lived in Jeddah for a year or more can easily be expected to meet people from over 20 countries.


3. Speaking of which, the large number of different nationalities give Jeddah its amazing food.

Asian, Indian, African, Mexican, American – you name it and Jeddah will probably have it.

4. And, then there is Al Baik, which deserves a special mention on its own.

5. No matter where you live the Red Sea coast will never be too far.

A view of the enigmatic Red Sea is surely enough to make one’s day.

6. Jeddah is filled with history.

In fact, the historic part of Jeddah is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

7. Whether it be in the East or the West,  most major tourist destinations are available on a short haul flight.

Plus, there are good chances that they have direct flights to and fro Jeddah, as pilgrims flock here from all around the globe.

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8. And, in case we forgot to mention, Jeddah is home to a booming art scene.

Some even call it one of the best in the Middle East.

9. Given all this, the cost of living is pretty low as well.

Many basic necessities like water and electricity are subsidized by the government.

10. There is always something happening in the city.

Since the GEA was formed the number of events and activities just increased multifold.

11. Lastly, there are many mega ongoing infrastructure projects.

Including a new airport, the Haramaian Railway and the Kingdom Tower – all that will somehow make Jeddah a better place to live than it already is.

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