10 FANTASTIC Ways To Spend The Weekend In Jeddah

The official Jeddah weekend itinerary

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There's a vibe to Jeddah that's just unlike anywhere else in the Kingdom. Granted, Saudi hosts such magnificent cultural and historical landscapes that date all the way back in time.

However, there is a little something in the Red Sea city's air that just makes it a fresh breeze, an escape of sorts and a wildly picturesque area.

If you're lucky enough to live close to or in Jeddah, then do not bore yourself this weekend.

Check out a couple of things you can do in Jeddah this weekend:

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1. Lounge around the latest corniche in Jeddah

The new Jeddah Waterfront has become the ultimate favorite weekend choice for people from all walks of life in Saudi.

From families, to a group of friends and even the singletons- this is the hotspot probs because it's near the sea, has great food trucks, and an endless line of activities for peeps to enjoy.

Not to mention, it looks absolutely DREAMY at night.

2. Take a deep sea diving course or snorkel

...especially when the weather's clear enough to marvel at the beauty of the coral reefs.

Try Googling a bunch of diving groups and companies in Jeddah and pick what you'd like best.

If deep-sea diving is much too intense for ya, there's always snorkeling too.

Either way, being in Jeddah means easier access to one of the world's greatest diving site- The Red Sea. Take advantage, boo.

3. Enjoy some crazyyy rides at the Al-Shallal theme park

Nothing says fun like a good indoor-outdoor balance at a theme park.

Al-Shallal is Jeddah's biggest theme park and it is quite known for its

4. Take a lovely stroll through Al Balad's beautiful streets

Al Balad is a historical site in Jeddah that has souks, old traditional style buildings and has even been accepted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You can take a walk, with your camera in hand and interact with all the untouched parts of history that still remains.

5. Get some biryani or kabsa in your system

Jeddah's known to have the greatest options for food that come in a wide spectrum- from being affordable to super boujee.

Both ways, you'll never leave Jeddah not missing the food. Never.

6. Visit the Eastern parts of Jeddah for a more naturesque vibe

7. Go play with the kitties at the Cat Café

There's a cat café in Jeddah where everyone can go and enjoy a cup of coffee and giving lots of fur babies some looove. The Cat Lounge is a two-storey café in the Al-Shatea district that overlooks the sea, talk about the perfect setting.

If you're a cat lover then we don't doubt you'd go (or have gone), no questions asked.

8. Explore some of the best artwork in a myriad of Jeddah's galleries

9. Try to engage in more outdoor activities like hiking and rock climbing

Go Outdoors is just one of many outdoor group tour businesses that thrive on helping residents and tourists do just that- be more active outdoors.

There's options for hiking, rock climbing and cycling to pristine locations around the city- at great prices too.

Why not make this weekend a more fruitful one?

10. Check out the list of events you can attend (there could be a concert or cool installation around)

Jeddah is the Kingdom's second largest city which means a LOT of things go on here.

We have the pleasure to be able to attend loads of concerts with local and international performers, attend COOL events and bare witness to the developments that keep taking place.

So, if I were you, make sure to check out our Lovin Saudi homepage weekly to see if there are any events in Jeddah around you.

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