6 Reasons Why Saudi Designer Tamara Al Gabbani Is Taking The Region's Fashion Scene By Storm

Tammara Al Gabbani Saudi Designer

Tamara Al Gabbani was already pretty influential before the modern term of an 'influencer' was even coined. Before her almost 180,000 followers on Instagram and her fashion label, Gabbana started as a TV presenter.

She prides herself on being self-made and is an avid voice for female strength and empowerment, in which she shares to the world, through her design of clothes.

This Saudi fashionista is currently based in Dubai but regularly travels between London and the Kingdom for work and family-related agendas.

She's on top of her A-game like never before, with content that resonates with a lot of modern Khaleeji women and there are more ways than one in how she's taking the fashion world by storm.

1. Tamara left her career behind to pursue her number one greatest passion: fashion

Gabbani used to work as a TV presenter but found that she no longer wanted to be in the public eye and let her 'fashion brand take the forefront.'

Her brand, Tamara Al Gabbani Fashion, is set on creating pieces that represent the very best of the Arab world's opulence and culture. She designed kaftans and jalabiyas, which she also sometimes models for while being in charge of its marketing.

Talk about a Jane-of-all-trades.

2. She's one of the biggest fashion influencers in the region (who gets to work with HUUUGE international designers and brands)

Her background as an influencer also allows Gabbani to continuously be inspired by all the fashion she's surrounded by.

With her platform of almost 180,000 followers on Instagram alone, it's no surprise that brands like Dolce & Gabanna and more.

3. She represents and pays homage to her country wherever she goes

Tamara's pride for being Saudi is one that never falters.

When it was announced that women would soon be able to drive just last year, she designed an exclusive piece for all her fellow Saudi chicas- complete with a discount code.

This year alone, she attended a number of events and exhibitions in the Kingdom to help support and showcase local brands to the rest of the region.

4. She truly believes in 'helping other women along the way'

Tamara often shares wisdom on her platform by encouraging women to help other women, something she self-practices.

5. She's often invited to FAB fashion shows in Europe

And in Europe is where she shines!

I mean, just check out these super cool outfits?!

6. Her outfits are KILLING it

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