This Documentary By National Geographic On Saudi Arabia’s Efforts For Ensuring A Safe Hajj Has Gone Viral

Natgeo Hajj

The Hajj is by no means a small affair. This year’s Hajj saw more than 2 million people from all corners of the world descend on Makkah for a once in a lifetime journey.

This 2018 Hajj was a successful one and the various departments of the government that were directly involved in the annual pilgrimage didn’t leave any stone unturned to ensure its success.

National Geographic shot a documentary on the measures that the Kingdom’s Ministry of Health took for this year’s Hajj. Titled "Wajib Al Ruya", which literally translates to duty of care, the video gives a brief glimpse of how 30,000 healthcare professionals, over 100 ambulances, 25 hospitals and 150 medical centers were stationed to meet the urgent medical needs of pilgrims.

Documentaries are known for the slow pace that they accumulate views, but not this one as it has amassed over 1.3 million views on YouTube already.

The video shows how tens of thousands of pilgrims are being treated for free and the services extended to them go so far as to assist them in completing the rituals through designated ambulances and buses loaded with medical supplies.

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