YAAS: Al Baik Finally Opens In The East But Only For 45 Days

Al Baik Jubail

We’re pretty sure that by now people from Dammam, Al Khobar and Dhahran are already making plans to head to Jubail.

Saudi Arabia’s iconic Al Baik was founded about 45 years ago, but now the very first time it is making its way to the eastern part of the country.

A festival called the Sharqiya Season is taking place in the eastern part of the country and one of the many reasons that why you should visit it is that a pop-up Al Baik restaurant has come up in Jubail for it

The new Al Baik branch is located Jubail’s Young Marine Park.

However, the branch will not be open year round as it will run only for 45 days. So for those of you who are living in the east, you don’t have much time to relish on Al Baik’s unmatched fried chicken goodness - so head there asap.

P.S. The restaurant is open only from 10 AM to 10 PM.

Twitter was super excited about the new Al Baik branch as well, look at some of the tweets that people started to share.

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Mohammed Mirza

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