The Menu For The Scrumptious Lunch Held By The Chinese In Honour Of MBS Is Out And Here's All That's Inside It


The Saudi Crown Prince is currently in China as part of his three-nation Asian tour. China is his last stop and for the for the first time ever on his official tour, we finally got to know what his hosts served him.

The Chinese held a scrumptious lunch in his honour and here’s kind of what was inside it.

We say kind of because only the hors d'oeuvres part of the lunch made its way to social media.

So basically there was duck meat, mushroom with vegetables, a type of European flatfish called flounder, various kinds of fruits and an assortment of desserts amongst other things.

One thing that really stands out in the menu is the chicken soup with matsutake.

Matsukate is a highly prized variety of mushrooms that is normally used in several eastern Asian cuisines.

Its prices can reach up to $1,000 for a kilo as they are pretty hard to grow.

Arab News has even shared photos of the lunch on their social media accounts.

The lunch was held in the stately Great Hall of the People and was attended by delegates of both countries.