The Country Is Falling In Love With Chai Karak And Here’s Why You Should Too

Chai Karak

Black tea for long has been a staple in the country but recently a relatively new variant of tea is challenging its long-established pole position.

Called Chai Karak this tea carries tastes of both Arabian and Indian spices bringing out a flavor that appeals to a wide variety of pallets. Like everyone we too have fallen in love with its taste and here’s why you would too.

Found at almost every drive-thru coffee joints, Chai Karak is moderately priced and worth every halala.

And guess what? It’s not only in Saudi, people from around the Gulf are developing an affection for the drink.

Though it has found much popularity here in the Gulf, the tea’s origins are believed to be in South India.

The ingredients of the drink include black tea, milk, cardamom, and sugar. The cardamom gives it a strong punch – something that tea aficionados love.

Some places serve the drink with slightly different ingredients – a few use condensed milk as opposed to sugar and some add saffron and cinnamon to add aroma to the drink.

From drive-thrus, it has now made its way to coffee shops across the country.

And, some places have started to serve Chai Karak flavored ice cream!

Now, how crazy is that?

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Mohammed Mirza

Mohammed is an avid traveler who is constantly on the hunt for new and upcoming Saudi travel destinations. Having lived much of his life in Saudi, he knows the country like the back of his hand. He's also a book lover at heart and is the author of a novel called "Desert Promises".