The Absolutely Best Indian Restaurants In Jeddah

Indian Curry

With Indians forming the largest of all expat communities in the country, Saudi cities are dotted with Indian restaurants. But in Saudi Arabia, Indian delicacies are not limited to Indian communities, the imported culinary tradition is much loved by Saudis as well as expats from other countries.

Our very own Jeddah has no dearth of Indian restaurants so it can be hard pinning down on which one to go. Our list contains some excellent, elegant, and diversified Indian restaurants that make for a great night out.


Backed with the star power of India’s legendary singer, Asha Bhosle, the restaurant didn’t fall short on any expectations that we had from it when it opened earlier this year. No wonder those huge lines that queue up outside on the weekends waiting to try their hands on Indian food that is served in a luxury setting smack in the heart of Jeddah.

Location: Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz St.

Ginger Leaf

Ginger Leaf is more or less like a restaurant that brings culinary tastes from India’s royalty reimagined for modern day fine dining enthusiasts. This is a huge departure from the other more economical cheaper Indian restaurants found in town be it in the quality of ingredients used or the overall presentation of the dishes.

Location: Jeddah Hilton


This is one of those places that have kind of tuned Indian food to make it more appetizing to the Saudi palette. Yes, the spices and flavors are there, but somehow the overall feel, which is no doubt amazing has a slight Arabian touch to it. Nonetheless, anything that comes out of that tandoor is worth putting your hands on.

Location: Sary St.

Tikka Express

The mélange of effervescent flavors and exotic ingredient make the food here appeal to a wide range of pallets. Their extensive menu and sizeable portions will make you want to visit again and again. Flavorsome as you would expect Indian food to be, Tikka restaurant is the place that would make you feel that you are dining in a fine-dining restaurant in India.

Location: Al Hamra Dist.


If the food doesn’t excite you then the presentation will definitely do. The food is not only delicious but looks delicious too. Your followers on social media are sure going to feel those hunger pangs seeing the artfully presented concoctions here. Their Biryani Naan that that is cooked in a pumpkin is a must-try.

Location: Al Zahra Dist.

Punjab Grill

Though the region of Punjab forms a relatively small province in modern-day India, their culture, influence, and cuisine are spread far and wide. India loves Punjabi food and so do many people in Saudi and that is exactly what this place serves. The culinary diversity of Punjabi food is the star here. The butter chicken is absolutely finger-licking good.

Location: Sary St.

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