October 1 Is International Coffee Day And There's A Couple Of Ways To Celebrate In Saudi

...or we could just be using these as an excuse.

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Coffee has become such an integral part of people's lifestyle and the magnitude of the fascination behind it only seems to be growing stronger.

I mean we've got a frickin' International Coffee Day to mark the obsession.

If you're a caffeine lover like us and feel like being a part of this esteemed day, here are a couple of things you can do to commemorate the event on October 1st:

(Assuming you won't already be doing these things. He he.)

1. Switch up the temperature of your usual drink

So if you're into warm cups of lattés, try an iced version of it. And if you're usually into frappes, try it warmer.

Switching things up for #InternationalCoffeeDay and for your taste buds.

2. Post an aesthetic photo of your cuppa on Instagram

Take part in any hashtag that will trend regarding International Coffee Day and upload your mini celebration.

3. Take a 15-minute coffee break and write

Why not get creative while we're at it?

You could write an ode to your morning coffee cup or a prose on why you live for coffee.

Unleash your inner Hemingway.

4. Tell a friend you love them more than coffee and see how they react

'Cus true friends will know this ain't true.

5. Try to reduce your caffeine intake that week (or day)

At most, you'd probably be lying to yourself but it's the effort that counts

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Shereen Ahmed

A heavily caffeinated 24-year old writer and blogger. Shereen enjoys traveling, attempting yoga poses and getting bullied by her Persian cat.