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8 Bakeries In Jeddah That Have The Dreamiest Desserts

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Who doesn’t want to indulge in a slice of chocolate cake every now and then?

Jeddah has some of the best bakeries in the country and the next time you are on the hunt for some great treats, look no further.

Here’s a list of local bakeries that are a must-visit

1. Munch

Their funky interiors are definitely inspired by the candy factory of our childhood dreams and that is not even the best part.

All their colorful cakes and fruit tarts are a must try. Plus, their nutella and lotus cakes! Absolute yum.

2. Helen’s

Helen’s is a Jeddah classic. It’s a cute cozy bakery that has all sorts of brownies, cakes, cupcakes, and so much more. It’s hard picking a favorite because everything is SO GOOD.

Plus they have a number of branches all over the city so you are bound to find one that is close-by enough.

3. Gusto’s

Not only do they have great cakes, kunnafas, and all sorts of other desserts – they also have really great coffee!


4. Saadeddin Pastry

They have branches all over the city and have some of the yummiest cakes AND Arabic desserts.

Must try: all their chocolate cakes.

5. The Cake Boutique

Two words: Nutella. Cake.

Bold statement but we are making it: it’s the best in town.

6. Charlotte’s

Charlotte’s is a bakery that combines French and Arabic desserts.

The universally acknowledged greatest thing about their desserts is just how light they are – so you are hardly ever gonna feel guilty after eating one (or two or three) of the biggest slices of their Snickers cake.

7. Sweet and Savory

They aren’t your usual bakery because, as their name says, they have both sweet AND savory cakes. Yes, savory cakes…

Their savory cupcakes include “pizza cupcake” and “meat pies” and “olive and cheese” as well as lots of savory tarts.

Their regular cakes include chocolate chips, nutella, mango, dates, oreo, vanilla, and so many more. And don’t forget to try their macarons!

8. Le Vendome

Le Vendome is Jeddah’s oldest (and most prestigious) French bakeries. And their Monalisa Cakes are a must try. Also their chocolate eclairs. Also their brownie and fruit kebabs (yes it is a thing and it is delicious).

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