An Amazing New Initiative Started By A Food Truck Business Is Helping Support The Local Communities In The Gulf

The #FindWatermelons campaign has been well-received on social media, so far.

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Popular food truck, SALT, has launched a summer initiative that's quite refreshing. The brand, known for their delicious burgers and deserts, began its hunt (just 2 weeks back) for local spots in the UAE and KSA that sell watermelons.

It all started with an Instagram post that asked its 170,000 followers for their favorite local fruit markets...

Days later, SALT announced why they were in search for the best local vendors in both Gulf countries

"We’re supporting local fruit vendors in KSA & UAE by buying from them ..and so should you!"

The quest to #findwatermelons is getting great feedback on social media

Not just from its followers but even random Instagram passerbys.

Commenters on the social media app are praising the food-truck brand for not just purchasing watermelons from these vendors, but encouraging others to do the same.

More people should encourage supporting local vendors for a happier local community

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...And the watermelons purchased have gone into making these delectable Watermelon Softies

Perfect for the summer. And made fresh, daily.

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