7 Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurants In Saudi Arabia That You Probably Didn't Even Know About

Vegan Restaurants In Saudi

Are you a vegetarian or know someone who is?

Chances are the answer is yes. They might fully vegan, a beginning vegetarian or a full-on vegetarian.

It's tough finding places that'll have an array of veggie options for those with certain restrictions in their meals.

But lucky you, Lovin's got you covered, here are seven places around Saudi that will serve you great vegan/vegetarian options...

1. BOGA, Jeddah

BOGA Superfoods is like that nurturing go-to for when you're in dire need to satiate your snack hunger. Their menu consists of many bowls that is an infusion of salads or just fruits along with protein-filled superfoods. Although they do serve meat dishes too, the option is totally yours to opt out (duh).

Their juices are one-of-a-kind too and well basically BOGA's like the drive-thru of great veggie options. Most of their menu's prices don't even go beyond SAR25, heaven-sent.

2. Yogi, Riyadh

Yogi's got a great selection of healthy dishes for us fitness-nuts. Thank goodness for that. People also swear by the Tuscan panini sandwiches (a great option for vegans).

And although the meat-free options aren't as varying as the others on this list, it's still a good spot for salad lunch dates with your besties.

3. Moon Shell, Jeddah

Moonshell is probably the only living (don't take my word for it though) actual vegan restaurant that only serves VEGAN dishes.

Located in Al-Rawdah, this tiny place boasts a great menu filled with smoothies, oatmeal shells, vegan bowls filled with options of beetroot, coconut chips and MORE. Prices here range between SAR 25-41. A must-try for Jeddawis.

4. Sinless, Jeddah

Craving a burger or pizza? Don't worry cus Sinless has got ya covered. They've even got DELISH desserts like banoffee pies and cinnamon buns to complete the full vegan dining. Nothing goes above SAR40 here, according to their daily menu.

5. Greens, Riyadh

Greens in Riyadh is a haven for those in search of clean and healthy food. People online swear by their Thai salad and peanut butter oatmeal too.

Though a tad overpriced, the consistency of taste does remain.

6. Even Cafe Bateel has loads of vegan options (branches are also scattered around Saudi)

Cafe Bateel has an interesting take on their meat-less (your choice) options that still give you that Mediterranean flavor they're known for. Lots of great options in their salad, sandwiches and even pasta dishes for the meat-less alternative.

7. Saldwich, Riyadh

A quirky but fitting name for this salad/sandwich spot in Riyadh. Saldwich is like the Subway of veggie-lovers with ridiculously great options that won't bore you.

Give the quinoa tabbouleh a try and you'll see.

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