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7 Reasons Why Kabsa Is One Of The Nation’s Favorite Lunch Go-To

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Kabsa has been considered to be the Kingdom’s national dish for generations now, and what it is is a mix of rice dishes (often with meat and spices.)

Although the same dish has been cooked in a variety of ways throughout other Gulf countries, there is no denying its exceptional taste here in Saudi Arabia.

But here are 7 other reasons why kabsa is such a beloved staple in the country:

1. It’s so affordable, it’s almost unreal

Kabsa is that dish that will always have your back, through bougié and broke times. The dish is loyal due to its availability at whatever price range, depending on where you choose to eat. From five-star restaurants to street-side kabsa corners, guaranteed it’ll always be there for you.

2. Because it is everything that the perfect lunch should be

Topped with a soda preference or water, its rice, spices and blend of meat is what makes the kabsa so intriguing.

3. Because even when we’re away at travel destinations or following a move, we still miss kabsa.

It becomes a part of you. And the dire desire for it will grow immensely depending on the duration of your distance from the Kingdom.

4. It’s such a fave that there’s now a sushi kabsa.

Oh yes. Chef Tala Amoodi whipped up the infusion of Saudi’s most belopved savoury dish into a sushi, and I guess the rest is history.

5. It’s a must at every local gathering or even during Eid

True story.

6. It brings us all closer together

The greatest convos around friends and family is always best served with kabsa too.

7. And that first bite of kabsa is indescribable.

Pure beauty.

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