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6 Of The Best Homegrown Burger Joints In Jeddah

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Jeddah has burgers to suit every taste. No matter where you are in the city you are never far from a burger joint. And, the burgers at some of these places serve are what legends are made of.

The city’s love for burgers is such that despite international franchises spreading their tentacles all over the city, these homegrown ones are crafting a niche for themselves in this market that is being proliferated with burgers.

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Burgers here are fantastic. Pick any burger from the menu and you can be rest assured that what you’ll be served is good enough to pull you back to this joint again and again. If you plan on dining here on the weekend you are off better off coming here at least 2 hours before you are planning to eat as they have a huge waiting list – all waiting to try its incredible burgers.

Century Burger

The burger was invented in Hamburg, Germany in the 19th century and this local burger joint aims at recreating that taste. If you like greasy burgers with melted cheese then this place is for you. A favorite amongst the youth, the burgers here come in generous sizes so one is enough to fill you up. And, while you are here don’t miss out on the cheesy fries. They complement the burgers so well just like Robin does to Batman.


When Crave launched its menu was famously short with only a real bare-bones cheeseburger served. The only variations being the number patties single, double or triple. They have expanded their menu a bit since then and now even have vegan options. They don’t have a family section nor do they have much dining space in the singles sections as well but they are good enough for a takeaway.


Scale, flavor and juiciness are the keynotes. Its soft, squidgy bun complements the generously sized patty well. Beef or chicken, any burger here won’t leave you disappointed. Even chicken burgers are served with melted cheese. On a day when the weather is not scorching hot, its outdoor seating is where you should be.


How does high-quality black Angus beef that is grilled and topped with melted American cheese sound? If you are feeling those hunger pangs just reading it, then Layers refreshingly simple burgers that are well seasoned and supremely grilled are just for you. The burgers here have set the bar for many other joints in Jeddah.

I’M Hungry

In times when burger joints serving just okay quality burgers for exorbitant prices are the norm, here comes this relatively new burger joint that serves a quality of meat that far exceeds fast-food expectations and that too at economical prices. A single patty cheeseburger starts from just 10 riyals. You can see the beef being freshly cut behind the counter that is then minced and griddled right in front of your eyes. The burger is succulent and worth every halala. I’m Hungry now has several branches across the city and looks like it is all set to take the country by storm.

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