6 Delicious Ramadan Dishes That We Unfortunately Only Get To Savour Only During Ramadan


Ramadan is a month of fasting but it is also a month of delicious food. Many items that we, in fact, have during Ramadan are exclusive for just Ramadan. Some of them are so good that many of us wonder that why don’t we have then year round. Here are six of such.


The drink sort of magically appears everywhere when Ramadan comes. Billboards of it come up across town, supermarkets start stocking huge piles of it and it becomes the quintessential item at every iftar party we attend.


Even those of us who stick to strict diet plans can’t stop ourselves from having one or two sambosas. Cheese, minced mutton or labneh – no matter what the filling inside the sambosa, it’s hard to control ourselves once it’s in front of us on the dining table.

Grain Soup (Shorba)

We stay away from this all year long but when Ramadan comes they become a staple on the iftar table and we just can’t seem to get over them even if we are having them on a daily basis. It’s pretty healthy and filling too.


Popular in the western part of the country, Sobia comes in various colours but it’s mainly due to its thirst quenching properties on why we relish it throughout the month.


Mostly eaten by those in the central region of the country, the dish is a mix of dates, wheat flour, ghee and sugar. A favourite among those with a sweet tooth.


Protein-rich Harees is our answer to the South Asian Haleem. This is one dish that we should start having year-round considering its incredible nutritional value. Comfort food can’t get better than this.

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Mohammed Mirza

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