6 Amazing Spots In Jeddah To Get Your Ice Cream Fix

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With year-round warm temperatures, Jeddah is one of those places where ice cream doesn’t need a season. From shops that rely heavily on the handmade tradition to modern creameries here’s where to go for the city’s best scoops.

1. Frozen Bucket

Though opened just earlier this year, the ice cream parlor has become a proper must-try destination in Jeddah. The ice creams are prepared using the traditional method of mixing in a bucket and hence the name Frozen Bucket. They serve up a rotating roster of fresh ice creams so look out for flavors like lychee, fig, and saffron. P.S. Ask to be served in the traditional south Asian earthenware pot - it kind of gives it a more authentic feel.

Location: Prince Amir Metab St.

2. Cold Stone Creamery

Cold Stone offers a robust menu filled with classic ice cream flavors. The ambiance is not the kind that one would associate with other international franchises that look more like ice cream factories. The creamy texture of the mix-ins that are prepared on frozen granite stone is a class apart.

Location: Madinah Rd.

3. Snow Dip N Roll

The servings here are made with milk that is combined with various flavors and is poured on an iced grill. The mixture is then chopped and stirred while it is taking shape. This mixture is then rolled into rolls various toppings of your choice are added. Sounds good right? It tastes even better. The paan (betel leaf) inspired creations are must-try.

Location: Sahafah St.

4. Brain Freeze

Their ice cream truck is mobbed by crowds during the weekends, Brain Freeze specializes in soft serves and floats. Be it early morning or late night their menu will surely have something for you. Their cheesecake ice cream is worth the trip alone.

Location: Rawdah Dist.

5. Marble Slab Creamery

The types of different mix-ins possible here are innumerable. The rich flavors will satiate all your sugar cravings. So juggle your order and try out some unusual combinations till you come across your very own all-time favorite ice cream concoction.

Location: Various branches across Jeddah

6. Tropical Snow

Though they are known for their shaved ice offerings, the Pineapple Split Dole Whip that that is served in a pineapple is a social media and ice cream lovers’ favorite. You won't find many of the innovative flavors populating this place, but the few flavors it has will make you want to come back again and again.

Location: Al Basateen Dist.

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