6 ABSOLUTELY Adequate Reasons Why Khaleejis Love Karak So Much

Chai Karak Obsession In The Gcc

Chai karak has definitely retained its iconic status as the Gulf's favorite drink, be it night or day. Karak is so much more than black tea with cardamom, sugar and milk.

I mean, there's a reason why coffee houses have started serving or even specialising in serving karak around the region. Gone are the days when you had to drive to the local souk area or to a cafeteria, the demand for this sweet hot drink is rapidly growing.

And we ain't complainin'.

There must be a reason a Dubai DJ even released a hit song about Karak, but here are a couple more...

1. It's the best solution to start your mornings

Don't be surprised if your local nearby cafeteria has to entertain crowds of cars who want to start their day right: chai karak and some chapathi perhaps?

2. It adds up to great car ride conversations

Probably not an uncommon plan on winter nights to meet friends and head for chai karak while sitting in the car, talking.

Karak becomes a part of your life, one way or another.

3. It goes great with most snacks

Pairing karak with bread, biscuits or even a toast with nutella is a GAME changer.

4. The smell alone gives you a nostalgic feeling of being home

...or with family.

Don't deny it, you sniff test your karak before consuming it. We all have.

5. It knows no weather

Although drinking chai karak in the winter is a feeling like no other (I mean, duh, it's warm.) We very well know that karak knows no weather and tastes good throughout all seasons.

But especially during wintertime, or when it's raining.

6. It will always calm you down

Hence, we'll stick with the motto, "Keep calm and drink chai karak."

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