5 Reasons Why Everyone Loves Nozomi And It's Not Just Because Of The Food

Nozomi Saudi

If you've dined at Nozomi then you already know why it's the FAVORITE amongst Saudi residents. It's such a luxurious and unique dining experience that one wouldn't not come back.

But this spot is loved by foodies not just because of their ahhhh-may-zing menu but many other reasons...

1. The interior is divine

Sleek modern interior that's beautifully lit at nighttime will give this restaurant the vibe all the romantic feels.

This spot is perfect for private celebrations, family dinners or even afternoon work meetings. The restaurant has a singles and a family lounge, private dining rooms and can even host private events.


2. Their music playlist is friggin UNFORGETTABLE.

No exaggerations there whatsoever. But surely everyone who's dined there will remember thinking to themselves, "I need that playlist."

It's so good that when you head to their Instagram page, the link to their Soundcloud pageis right in its bio section.

Thanks, Nozomi. Thanks.

3. Japenese cuisine, truly, at its finest

Even non-Sushi lovers will agree.

4. The mixed berry mojitos

Yep, they get their very own thank you.

5. It's the perfect place for a simple birthday dinner surprise

Adulting and whatnot. They even prep you a greeting like no other.

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