5 AMAZING Restaurant Experiences In Riyadh To Mark Your Special Occasions

Romantic Dinining Experiences In Riyadh

Everybody loves steak and who doesn't like a different experience and an overall satisfactory ambiance to go with that?

Lucky for you, if you're planning on surprising your best pals, a family member or your loved one- you're guaranteed to love these five steak hotspots in Riyadh.

1. Spazzio 77

The French and all of Europe in general is known for being the backbone of delicate, intricate and simple dishes that are great for fancy dinners. And Spazio 77 is not one to disappoint!

If you're looking to fine dine the night away, check out Spazio 77 at the Kingdom Tower and don't miss out on the creme brûlée.

Location: Al-Orouba Road | Kingdom Tower, 77th Floor, Riyadh 11576

2. Charcoza Mezze and Grill

This is one of those restaurants that pull you in from the very beginning. If you look at it compared to its neighboring restos, you can already distinguish its uniqueness.

An attractive exterior, romantic dim-setting indoors that isn't only good for romantic anniversaries but a meat-sharing outing with the fambam. The food at this newest dining experience in Riyadh is so juicy and infused with a variety of cuisines, that you would think it would leave you feeling bloated afterwards.

But, intact, not really. Check it out for yourself.

Location: 2751 Northern Ring Branch Rd, At Taawun

3. L'Entrecôte Cafe de Paris

As fancy schmancy as its name sounds, this resto at the Al Faisaiah tower lives up to its sound. Its selection of tenderloin stakes are so favored by our residents, it's been voted by 38% of Riyadhis as an excellent choice on TripAdvisor.

Location: King Fahd Branch Rd, Olaya, Al Faisaliah Tow

4. The Globe

Four words that can sum up The Globe: absolutely perfect at night.

Make no mistake, a candlelit dinner between you and your spouse might just be the perfect solution celebrating a special occasion. You're so high up at The Globe restaurant, in Faisaliah tower gives for the best view of the city's skyline.

Not to mention the grills, appetiser and other foodie options that will never let you forget what's up.

Location: King Fahd Branch Rd, Al Olaya, Al Faisaliah Tower

5. Lusin

How about some Armenian food for a change?

Many residents online have claimed it a a 'romantic dinner' vibe with great scenic views.

Try their cherry sauce with meat and enjoy that dinner-in-the dar experience that's not to forget.

Location: Centeria Mall, Olaya Street intersection with Tahlya Street