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A Saudi Woman Is Suing Her Neighbor For Harassing Her For Driving

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The ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia has been uplifted for well over a year but now and the courts are doing everything they can to make sure nothing gets in the way of women driving.

A woman, for instance, is suing her neighbor for harassing her for driving and the courts have taken notice

Police in the Eastern Province has referred the man to public prosecution after the Saudi woman sued him for trying to stop her from driving her car. In a statement to local media, the woman said the man had harassed her for months because he didn’t want her to get behind the wheel because she is a woman.

The defendant – a man in his 50s –  also deliberately crashed into the vehicle’s rear area on several occasions.

The woman filed several police reports against the man and presented videos to prove her case.

The man previously signed a restraining order that banned him from approaching the woman’s property. However, after he broke the order’s rules, officials referred the case to court.

He’s been let out on bail until investigations are over.

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