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New Saudi Host Visa To Be Issued Through Absher System🇸🇦👏🏻

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Abdullah Qazi, Vice-chairman of the National Commission for Hajj and Umrah, has announced the launch of the host visa during the coming few days. The host visa will allow residents to host the kingdom’s guests on their sponsorship for 90 days.

Also, women will be able to perform umrah only without a male guardian since Hajj will require other arrangements.

He informed through an interview with the program “Ya Hala” that the host visa will allow visitors for Umrah to tour the kingdom freely and attend events, as well as visitors for tourism will be able to perform Umrah.

Abdullah Qazi Interview With Ya Hala Program

Abdullah Qazi pointed out that “Maqam” will allow umrah applicants to communicate directly with the Saudi tourism companies to obtain the electronic Umrah visa for 30 days without a broker.

The Kingdom recently provided a new tourist visa to encourage and enhance the Kingdom’s tourism, which is reflected in the economic growth in the country positively.

The tourist visa fee is SR 440, and it is issued between 5 to 30 minutes through the electronic platform or upon arrival for those who are above 18 years old. Otherwise, the visitor shall be accompanied by a guardian.

The tourist visa does not exclude any tourist for religious or beliefs reasons. The tourist can enjoy multiple visits within a year, where the period of stay should not exceed 90 days.

18 years old and above only

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