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These Five Popular Arab Juices Will Get You Feeling Nostalgic Just In Time For Summer

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How better to quench your thirst after a long day of fasting than with the drinks you grew up having as an Arab kid. 

Probably every other Arab household made these delicious drinks on a day-to-day basis, BUT they were especially popular when Ramadan rolled in. 

And you will probably recognise most of these drinks as they are usually served in a pitcher around the dinner table, or while watching your favourite Arabic soap-opera. 

Here are the five most popular drinks that Arabs just LOVE

1. Tamer Hindi

This Tamarind-based juice is just essential with a meal and is made from a fruit pod from trees in Asia and northern Africa. 

It has a sour-sweet taste flavor and is usually made by mixing the syrup with water and serving it with ice. 

2. Vimto

A Ramadan classic, this rich red sweet syrup is so refreshing and will top any soda drink. 

It is made from the juice of grapes, raspberries and blackcurrants and then reduced to a sweet syrup and flavoured with herbs and spices. 

But make sure you only add a spoonful as a little goes a long way!

3. Karkadeh

This sweet Hibiscus-based tea is made with the infusion of red colored calyces from the roselle flower. 

It has a tart flavour, resembling that of cranberries and is usually served hot or cold. 

You can even add sugar or honey to sweeten the flavour if it is too bitter. 

4. Laban Ayran

Moving away from the sweet drinks on the list, this drink is yogurt based and is very cooling on a hot summer’s day. 

Prepared differently around the Middle East, the most basic version of it is just a yogurt-based beverage that is mixed with salt and sometimes mint leaves. 

5. Mint tea

Mint tea might be a worldwide classic, but it is best known as “Moroccan tea” in the Arab region. 

This sweet green-tea drink is made with loose green tea, spearmint leaves and lots of sugar. 

It is usually served by pouring the tea from high above into small tea glasses. 

These drinks are so popular, you must have recognised atleast one! 

Make sure you stay hydrated this upcoming summer as these drinks will definitely quench your thirst after a long hot day. 

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