Our Picks Of The Best Photos From This Year’s Souq Okaz Festival


The recently concluded Souq Okaz festival was a vibrant display of Arabian culture and heritage. It ran from the 27th of June until the 13th of July.

The festival is named Souq Okaz after a historic market of the same name that dates back over 1500 years. The historic market was a center where various tribes from across Arabia would meet and hold various competitions.

Recurring every year for almost a decade now the festival has steadily been increasing in size and audience. Here are our picks of the photos from the festival.

Look at the costumes

Groom dress inspirations anyone?

Many competitions were held

Artisans from all over the country gathered here

Remember Jafar from Aladin?

This is perhaps what the army men back in the day looked like.

Lots of theatrics were on display.

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Mohammed Mirza

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