7 Arab Royals You Should Be Following On Instagram

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Stalking people on social media is everyone's guilty pleasure - and who doesn't want a glimpse into the glamorous and often adventurous lives of leaders (and would-be leaders)?

Here are seven Arab royals on Instagram with some really cool accounts

1. His Higness Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid

From pictures of himself jumping from an airplane, to being on an African safari, to an underwater cave, he is the undisputed ruler of social media (and everyone's hearts).

2.Dubai’s Sheikh HH Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid

Expect lots of outdoor adventures , casual family snaps and military stuff.

3. Jordan’s Queen Rania

Her instagram is all about her charitable efforts,amazing dressing sense, and adorable family snaps.

4. Saudi Arabia’s Princess Deena Aljuhani Abdulaziz

Her instagram is all about style - makes perfect sense too since she is the editor-in-chief of Vogue Arabia

 4. Jordan’s Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah

Displaying everything from his academic achievements to his military training and his casual family snaps, he is winning at social media not unlike his mother.

5. Sharjah's Sheikh Khalid bin Sultan Al Qasimi

He founded the Qasmi House of Fashion and his instagram is all about creativity.

6. Bahrain's Princess Dana Al Khalifa

Not only does she hold a law degree from the University of London, she has a great eye for fashion and shares glimpses of it on her social media.

7. Saudi Arabia’s Prince Fahad Al Saud

He has a digital content company Na3am, recently released a video game and comic universe called Saudi Girls Revolution, and helped launch Facebook Arabic in 2009.