An Expat Group On Facebook Has Intrigued Buyers Online With Its EXCELLENT Price Point For This Car

'In good condition'

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Blame the heat for all our current dramas, but it seems there ain't no stopping the residents of Saudi to still find a humorous twist to everything.

User Dani Malic, recently uploaded a post on the group 'Expatriates Riyadh Saudi Arabia', selling a brand-new, top-of-the-line vehicle for a bargain price of only SAR 50,000.

Members of the group went absolutely berserk trying to get a piece of the special vehicle = and the comments are HILARIOUS, to say the least.

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Some of its fine details include:

- Just a small scratch on the back side

- Wasn't driven much (since the owner was jobless)

- AC Chilling

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People are fighting over the vehicle online

And who can blame them?

This is some top of the line rarity in the luxury automobile category.

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Some are still trying to negotiate its price

Don't know why?

The car is obviously a STEAL in today's world.

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But others are willing to pay more for it

There you go.

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Clearly, the user meant to post it as a joke and all other 200 commenters totally went with the flow. And we ain't complaining.

It's the best thing we've seen on the internet so far.

Oh, the joys of public Facebook groups.

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