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10 Amazing Things From Around The World That We Can’t Wait To Have In Saudi

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We absolutely love foreign things and honestly speaking we don’t know how we could go on with our lives without them being part of it. But there are several of such amazing foreign things that we don’t have in Saudi yet and here are some of them.

1. Chipotle

We have plenty of Chipotle imitations so why not have the original one?

2. Tesla

The world is driving it and it is about time that we do too.

3. Merle Norman Cosmetics

Many women swear by the products at their studio.

P.S. They almost half a dozen of their iconic studios in neighboring UAE.

4. Supercuts

There are thousands of beauty parlours for ladies, so having a few saloons for men won’t do harm. Yes, men care about the way they look as well.

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5. Toast Box

They are one of the biggest food chains to spring up from Asia. Rest assured they must be doing something right.

6. Barnes & Noble

There is a growing community of book lovers and most of them like me don’t get the books we want at the dismal bookstores that we have here.

7. Anytime Fitness

Yes, we have Fitness Time and that’s good but having an alternative can be good for a change. Plus, they are open 24 hours – now beat that.

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8. 7-Eleven

Sometimes we are forced to go to our nearest hypermarket to get basic necessities post-midnight. Having a neighborhood 24 hour 7-eleven can be a lifesaver in such situations.

9. Petland

Because who doesn’t love pets? Okay, there may be a few who don’t but most of us do.

10. Panera Bread

Unhealthy fast food joints are in abundance here and that’s exactly why we need Panera Bread that has a reputation for offering healthy food in a fast casual kind of an experience.

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