The Best Iftars In Riyadh: A Resto In Riyadh Has A FAB Iftar That Will Almost Feel Like Home

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The Big Riyadh Iftar List: Which one's the best?

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Lovin Saudi has been on the prowl for the best Iftars in Riyadh, and we have not one but 7 of our faves. But now we want to hear from you! Scroll down and vote for YOUR favourite- to help crown just one winner.

We've checked out this first resto, so keep on reading to see if it deserves YOUR vote. But hang tight, because we'll be sharing other Iftar gems in the city- throughout the next few days.

There's nothing like the comfort of home-cooked food, a fact most of us can agree on.

A different aroma lingers in the air, leaving with it the feeling of nostalgia and security. During the Holy Month of Ramadan, one of the many things Muslims look forward to is having more of that family time.

A time to gather together, with immediate and extended families to feast and talk- catch up, and remember all the beautiful memories they've shared.

This restaurant in Riyadh has just combined the beauty of what we look for in a home-cooked Iftar

Azkadenya, located in the iconic foodie centre Al Rubeen Plaza, is here to serve families with authentic Arabic food (with a special twist, to spice things up!).

It'll be the latheeth-tasting (delicious) set of FOOD you never knew could replicate mama's cooking.

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Relive the retro-Arabic vibes at Azkadenya

The restaurant’s walls are plastered with iconic catchphrases and scenes from classic Arabic movies – leaving you with a warm sense of nostalgia.

You’ll feel right at home surrounded by so many familiar faces.

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For SAR119, a wide variety of dishes like kabsa, mansaf and everyone's fave kunafeh will be around for you to enjoy

With selections of soups, salads, mixed grills, daily specials, and much more!

Check out their photos and SEE for yourself.

It'll definitely be an experience for the entire family

...Like a home away from home.

Such is beauty.


Azkadenya's daily buffet starts from iftar time, and it is located at the Rubeen Plaza.

How much? SAR119

Kids ages 6-12 get 50% off, while those below the age of 6 dine for free.

To book, call 0112022010.

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